Rebecca Heathcock, Real Estate Broker at eXp Realty
1321 King St #1
Bellingham, WA 98226
(360) 306-0786




Are you looking for a commercial real estate broker in Bellingham Washington well my guest today is Rebecca heathcock and she is managing broker at exp Realty welcome to the local business grower podcast Rebecca thank you Eric glad to be here and hopefully it will tell people little bit more about you and what it’s like to be a commercial real estate agent what would you say makes your skills as an experienced real estate broker unique or different compared to any other agent out there well I think that depends on the type of asset class first of all I do specialize in commercial and high-end Residential Properties and I think that my still fat is ideal for somebody with a property that is hiring property usually have a higher price point property I generally deal and properties that are valued at a million or more and that takes a certain skill level somebody with a deep background in market analysis strategy and marketing and sales actually so that’s what I like to do is focus on those those unique Residential Properties out there for example one of the properties I have on the market right now is probably one of the most unique properties on Lake Whatcom on the left a point and that’s not a property that just anybody can mark it properly you really have to have a lot a large network of folks that are affluent and capable of first while purchasing a property at that price point but also a deep understanding of how to properly strategically position that property for the types of buyers that would be looking for it and the same goes for the multimillion-dollar commercial properties that I help sellers and buyers acquire really requires


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